Heritage and Local Produces

Olive groves, orchards, olive oil mills invite you to various fine discoveries …


The olive-growing tradition goes back to remote times. Surrounded of almost 2 000 ha of olive groves, our village accomodates three oil-mills.

This "green gold" promoted our village over the five continents, offering to the amateur a selection of surprising and unequalled tastes. Moreover, our label “AOC Vallée des Baux de Pce” is a mark guaranteeing the origin, the excellent quality and processing of our olive oil.

OLIVES AOC Vallée des Baux de Provence

OlivesThe preservation of olives goes back to the Antique times. Indeed, books written 2 centuries before JC already explain how to prepare and preserve the olives and give some tasty recipes ! Nowadays, this knowhow is still alive in the Vallée des Baux.

Several producers in Maussane les Alpilles prepare and sell wordwide their tapenades (olive creams), broken olives (to be eaten at aperitive !) and many other delicious products … Moreover, our label “AOC Vallée des Baux de Pce” is a mark guaranteeing the origin, the excellent quality and processing of our olives.


LavandeProvence is well known for proposing honeys from vintage such as rosemary honey appreciated by the amateurs as soon as spring past, lavender honey coming from the Ventoux mountain and honeys made of several flowers offering the perfumes of scrubland, or traditional honeys used to make the famous black nougat.

As far as jams are concerned, Provence proposes various kinds of perfumes : from the traditional apricot jam to the very Mediterranean jams like fig jam, green tomato jam, greengage jam or the succulent citre jam (also called méréviho jam in the regional OC language).


The meat (beef) got an AOC label since 1996 - the first for red meat - regarding the race called "raco di biou", ie bull fighting or bulls resulting from a combination of these two races). This involves extensive production, ie on large areas where wild animals are free to move with at least six months spent in wetland and without any feeding by Man. These farms ensure consistent quality of meat and distinctive taste of the product.

The cattle of the aera called Bouches-du-Rhone is represented by 245 herds spread on pasture as varied as Alpilles, Camargue and Crau. In Maussane lesAlpilles, there are no fewer than 800 cattle ! Source : http://www.bovin13.com

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