Discover scenic and nature trails that lead to picturesque cool-off spots inside or around the village.

Download those circuits or take them at the Tourism Office

All along water

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Who says Provence is arid ?

Streams, fountains and washhouses will guide you in the intimacy of our picturesque Provençal village…

In the Old Village :

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Wander around the historic center of the village.

Small alleys, inner courtyards, welcoming arbours and little shady squares will invite you to relax.

In the countryside of Maussane :

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As you tour around Maussane, you can interact with the area’s passionate producers who will give you a better understanding of the culture and character of their produce and land.

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Map of France made of stone

You will discover this 5 x 5 m and 6 tonnes monument in the Agora Alpilles park. This beautiful puzzle for giants is a good tool to learn the name of the various regions of France and their location. Play Snake and ladders to discover it !

Reconnect with Nature !


Maussane les Alpilles is the perfect playground for your favorite outdoor activities. Bike, hike, horseback ride or even rock climb : Maussane les Alpilles has a wide range of outdoor recreation options to choose from, with plenty of deals all year round.

Various trails can be found at the Tourism Office, with trips ranging from short, easy loops in the heart of the village to treks in remote wilderness areas.

Local Produces

Our farmers, olive growers, olive oil mills and producers invite you to various fine discoveries


Discovering olive oil, it’s first and foremost knowing where it comes from, getting a feel for the “terroir” that gives it its unique character, and also taking the time to get to know the people who make it.A warm and down-to-earth welcome awaits oil lovers who wish to meet Provence’s world class olive oil makers.

AOC / AOP are respectively official French and European labels for the protection of a produce. They designate a produce for all of the steps of fabrication and realization according to know-how and knowledge in connection with the same geographic zone, which gives the characteristics to the produce. Olive oil, green and black olives are protected by AOC / AOP vallée des Baux-de-Provence.

OLIVES AOC Vallée des Baux de Provence

OlivesSeveral producers transform the olives into various preparations: tapenades, olive creams, split olives and many other delicious recipes.

Green or black, the olives of valley des Baux can be eaten to accompany a fresh Rosé or a pastis, meals and stews.


LavandeHoney production is mainly organized around family operations with a connection to the local land. The mild climate of Provence allows for a rapid development of bee colonies in the spring. The very rich flora makes for a wide variety of production for rosemary, thyme, lavendula…

As far as jams are concerned, Provence proposes various kinds of perfumes : from the traditional apricot jam to the very Mediterranean jams like fig jam, green tomato jam, greengage jam or the succulent citre jam.


The meat (beef) got an AOC label since 1996 - the first for red meat. The cattle live on large areas where wild animals are free to move. This farming ensures consistent quality of meat and distinctive taste of the product.

WINE AOP « Baux de Provence » or IGP Alpilles

Vintners from Alpilles came together to showcase their beautiful land and to express their creativity.

The limitation of both surface and production is a guarantee of quality. The region’s full-bodied reds are best when aged 5 to 6 years, while rosés are to be enjoyed at their prime.

Welcome to Maussane-les-Alpilles


"When God created the sun, the earth, the mountains and the water and put them in place, he took a little piece of each to make a paradise and thus Provence was born." A Provençal proverb making sense once in Maussane les Alpilles !

Constant sun, azure skies, light unlike any other, cicadas, festivals, hills punctuating the horizon, welcoming arbours, colourful markets, fine art of napping, languorous hedonism and friendly chat; this is the Provencal art of living. Maussane les Alpilles has characteristics that make it a popular destination in all seasons.


Our village benefits from a central location and is ideal to tour the region.

It is only at :
- 4 kilometers (2,5 miles) from Les Baux de Provence
- 10 kilometers (6,2 miles) from Saint Rémy de Provence
- 20 kilometers (12,4 miles) from Arles and
- 24 kilometers (14,9 miles) from Salon de Provence.
- Avignon is only 35 kilometers (21,7 miles) away ;
- the Camargue is at 50 kilometers (31,1 miles) and Marseille just one hour driving.


Nourish your senses and your hunger at the 20 restaurants of Maussane-les-Alpilles ! Savor provençal-inspired cuisine made with the mill’s homegrown olive oil and fresh local produces.

Whether you like snacking or having gourmet’s menus at Maître Restaurateurs’ you can find the perfect setting and savor outstanding food in Maussane-les-Alpilles.


Maussane has plenty of lodging options – and plenty of deals.

Yours guests’ commitments and labels will provide you quality, authenticity and help you discover our “terroir”.

Find the lodging options on our website.


More than 20 shops welcome you in Maussane les Alpilles all year round ! Services (bank, pharmacy, health professionals…etc) and craftmen proud of their trade are at your disposal.

You can also shop at the Thursday morning market. Stall after stall, you will discover the profusion and variety of the local produces and delight your ear with the southern French accent…



The place we nowadays call "Vieux-Maussane" establishes the historic center of the village.

Until 1754 it concentrated the majority of the inhabitants along the road coming from Les Baux de Provence and ending at current "Charloun RIEU" street.

This first human grouping had got organized around two main axes which drew an unrefined cross. From east to west, a first street (current "Vieux-Maussane" street ) led up to a small square (" lou Planet ") and continued in the current "Reine Jeanne" street.

Small Wash House and Planet Fountain

In 1810, doctor Denis-Honoré QUENIN had built at his expenses a fountain and a small wash-house. Located in the historic center of the village, this small wash house is close to a charming square. It will undoubtly inspire you musing, rocked by the lapping of water. It was a place of sociability ; people were meeting there in the freshness of the water, whereas washerwomen attended to their activities.

Dr Quenin Manorhouse

Denis Honoré QUENIN held his cabinet in this beautiful house which had been built shortly before the Revolution by his father Antoine.

At the beginning of the 19th century, a course connected the mansion with the fountain and with the wash house.

Years ago like nowadays, this construction gives to this part of the village a particular esthetics.

As seasons go by, its beautiful facade will charm you.

Batignolles Pedestrian Path

This former railroad, has become today a pedestrian path connecting Vieux-Maussane area to square Henri Giraud. Activated in 1887, this line remains until 1951, then it is downgraded and abandoned for the benefit of the road transport.


With the construction of the church, the center of the village moves. Maussane develops along the current avenue of Vallée des Baux and around the Church, in particular thanks to his square which still remains the natural heart of the village.


On August 27th, 1750, Joseph Laugier de Monblan, Lord of Monblan, buys a ground in the center of the village where he intends to finance a religious building in order to provide Maussane-les-Alpilles with the best arguments to obtain the creation of a parish. On September 3rd, 1754, church Sainte-Croix is offered to the inhabitants. On September 27th, 1754, the church is dedicated by archbishop Jean-Joseph de Jumilhac.

Visite virtuelle de l’église Sainte Croix


Built by 1869, it is an unexpected work for a village which only counts 1800 inhabitants. Originally, it acts as public fountain. Br / >

Today, major component of square Laugier de Monblan, it is the meeting point of inhabitants and visitors.

The name "4 seasons fountain" invites you to come to Maussane Alpilles all year round !

Saint Eloi ORATORY - Beginning 18th century

The oratory is situated in the southeast of the village, next to the bull place.

In Provence, St Eloi is the patron saint of farmers and the protector of plow horses. In all Provence, we celebrate him by parading with draft horses pulling a cart decorated with boughs.

In Maussane Alpilles, we celebrates St Eloi on the 2nd weekend of June.

Saint Roch ORATORY - 1720-1721

It marks the beginning of the urban area coming from Mouriès. br/>

This oratory was built after the plague to thank saint Roch for having protected the village of Maussane.

Saint Marc ORATORY - 1852

It is situated alongside the road coming down the Alpilles.

This oratory is dedicated to saint Marc, patron of shepherds and dedicated an area where they parked the herds in transhumance.

Napoléon III Wash House - 1865

Bult under Napoleon III, its architecture presents a double peculiarity: skeletons are obliquely put and women could stand to wash their linen. Every year on the occasion of "Temps Retrouvé" celebration, the wash house finds the former noises and atmosphere with the shouts and the laughter of the washerwomen.

Aurélia VIA

One of the big Roman ways, lines Maussane-les-Alpilles and numerous vestiges give evidence of the Greco-Roman presence: milestone, amphora and foundations of a villa will fill the informed amateurs of antique culture.

Maussane, Yesterday and Nowadays

For Kids

If you’re looking for things to do with kids in Maussane les Alpilles, we have plenty of ideas !


PDF - 3.1 Mb

Play as Sherlock Holmes and discover the mysteries of Maussane…

Download the leaflet or take it at the Tourism Office. If you answer all the questions you will get a surprise at the front desk... You can also find the answers in the Touristic Guide and the Guide du Patrimoine.


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JEU de l’OIE

Discover a puzzle for giants which represents France.

Go to AGORA ALPILLES Park and start playing !.

Download the leaflet or take it at the Tourism Office, you will have fun !

Enjoy the Junior Leisure program

During your holidays in Maussane, experience :
• Pétéca
• Speed-ball
• Accrosport
• Hip hop
• Hockey
• Roller
• Muppets…etc.

Information at the Tourism Office at 04 90 54 33 60 or l’Arbre aux Enfants at 06 27 56 08 15

Outdoor activities are also big hits with the little ones

• Climbing
• Hiking
• Biking
• Horse riding
• Golf

Sports :

• Play tennis

• Swim

• Play Golf

Have fun with your parents and enjoy

• traditional festivals
• petanque matches
• local fairs
• shows
• bull games

During your stay in Maussane, taste our specials

• olive oil
• tapenade,
• ratatouille,
• aïoli...etc

you will discover Provence and experience new savors…

Ask yours parents to go to theTourism Office with you, to get the games and the programs. Have fun !

Provençal Traditions

Maussane-les-Alpilles, keeper of unique Provençal traditions


Witness the exploits of the "raseteurs" and bulls in the local arenas. The "raseteurs" use a hook to catch hold of the threads attached to the bull’s horns, notably a ribbon placed in the center of its forehead.


Bull Games : The herdsmen, riding their Camargue horses, drive the bulls across the streets of the village.


Wild mares and their foals trot or gallop in the streets of the village


A cart decorated with foliage in honor of St-Eloi is drawn by almost 40 draft horses and crosses the village


Herdsman watching cattle of Camargue bulls ans horses


Branding : The herdsmen, riding their Camargue horses, sort the 1 year bulls for branding


It was born in the middle of the 18th century ; its evolution followed the Parisian fashion till the 1900s. Nowadays, young ladies dress in this traditional costume on the occasion of folk festivals.

Provençal Market

Each THURSDAY MORNING, all year round, the TRADITIONAL PROVENÇAL MARKET is held in the shade of the plane trees of square Henri Giraud.

Coloured and smelling stalls, pyramids of delicious fruits are placed next to goat cheeses, olive oil, wicker baskets and jars of olives, lavender and fishes artistically slept on a bed of crushed ice.

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